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Welcome to WMBC

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The Club usually has about 50 to 60 members at all levels of skill.    Some are: scale modellers; some are model yacht race skippers; and several are both.  With three jetties to launch from there is plenty of room on Watermead Lake for many more members: young and old; male and female.  All newcomers and potential young members are especially welcome to join (however we do expect under 16s to be accompanied by an adult).  Members tend to use the lake on Sunday mornings but members are also permitted to use the lake safely at other times during the week.

*** If you want to join us please come along between 10:00 and 12:30 any Sunday morning and introduce yourself!  That’s all it takes!  No letters, no emails, no need for phone calls; just turn up when you are ready to see what it is all about! ***

*** Please note: the owner of the lake does not permit fast and/or noisy model boats to be operated on Watermead Lake by the club at any time  ***

For views of open days and other various events please paste the following site into your browser:

***  Take a look at the club’s photo gallery:  ***


***  and below the latest WMBC ‘posts’:

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MYA Veterans Championship – Watermead MBC

MYA IOM Veteran’s Championship – Watermead MBC, 2nd & 3rd June 2018

Event Schedule:

Saturday 2nd June

08.00 to 09.30 Registration

09.45 Briefing

10.00 Warning signal

17:00 No Heat to Start after this time

Sunday 3rd June

 09.45 Briefing

10.00 Warning signal

No race will start after 16.00. Any race still in progress at 16.30 will be abandoned.

The racing times will be confirmed at the daily briefing.

Prize giving will be shortly after finish of racing

Social Evening

Tables will be reserved at a restaurant close to the lake for Dinner on Saturday evening, cost will be approx. £20 per person. Please indicate on your entry if you plan to attend.


Watermead MBC, Watermead lake, Aylesbury. HP19 0FU. Car parking is free, enter via entrance to the new crematorium, entry will be restricted so please be ready to confirm your entry to the club member on the gate.

No overnight parking or camping is permitted.

Organising Authority

The organising authority for the event is the Model Yachting Association (MYA) and responsibility for the management of the event is delegated by the MYA to Watermead MBC 


The event will be governed by the current version of the following rules:

The Veterans championship is restricted to skippers aged 60 years or over on 02/06/2018

  • Racing Rules of Sailing as changed by the RRS Appendix E
  • Equipment Rules of Sailing
  • MYA Standard Sailing Instructions
  • Heat Management System (HMS)

Copies of the above may be viewed on the Official Notice Board at the event.

Before the event copies of the above may be found either in the Event Documents section of the MYA Knowledge Base see http://myauk.co.uk/knowledge_base_category/docsandrules/ or on the UK IOM web site.


The following shall be presented to the Race Committee at the time requested during the event:

Owners should attend with a copy of their measurement certificate which may be checked at the event.

  1. All boats must be registered with and display a sail number issued by the UK Class Registrar or their personal sail number.
  2. If applicable, the owner’s valid personal sail number certificate
  3. Emergency Contact details if this has changed or not supplied when an entry was made.

If any of the above is not available at the event, but a competitor claims that they exist, the competitor shall sign a declaration to that effect and send a copy of the missing document to the Race Committee within seven days of the end of the event.

Scoring and Racing System

Scoring and Racing System shall be as per Rules section above.


The Race Committee may direct that boats in the event shall be check measured. Random spot checks may be conducted throughout the duration of the event.


Permitted frequencies are 27 MHz, 40 MHz and 2.4 GHz

For frequency bands other than 2.4GHz, a minimum of five (5) frequencies shall be stated on the entry form and be available at the event.


The Race Officer reserves the right to use observers drawn from the competitors. A protest committee will be appointed by the Race Committee to hear any protests arising from the event and may comprise competitors not involved in the incident.

Entries & Eligibility

Entry is open to all MYA affiliated members aged 60 years or over on the first day of the event.
The number of entries shall be limited by the provisions of the Heat Management System (HMS).
Competitors will be notified of any necessary changes to sail numbers in the event of a clash.

Entry for all competitors opens from Thursday 1st March 2018.

Entries shall be made before the closing date for entries, 21.00hrs 29th May 2018 as follows:

  • Online, using the on-line entry system via the MYA website. www.mya-uk.org.uk
  • By post or e-mail attaching a completed copy of the form at the end of this NoR

The contact for entries is Clive Bardell, clive.bardell@ntlworld.com or mobile 07776485958.
Or by post to Clive Bardell, 126 Chaucer Drive, Aylesbury, HP21 7LN.

After the closing date late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the organising authority and may incur an additional late entry fee.

 Entry Fees

The event entry fee of £26 should be paid minimum 3 days before the event. Cheques payable to Watermead MBC to address above, or direct to Barclays Bank, account 10314005, sort code 20-40-71. Remember to use your name as reference.  Entry will only be confirmed when payment is received.

 Competitors with Disabilities

Competitors that require any form of help or special requirements should, prior to entry, get in touch with the club contact given in Section 10 to check if the club is able to help with the provision of any such special requirements. The onus is on the competitor to establish whether the available facilities are adequate before deciding to enter the event

Prizes and trophies

A Trophy and prizes will be awarded to the top three skippers on the day.

Disclaimer of Liability

All those entering or taking part in this event do so at their own risk and responsibility.

The Model Yachting Association, the organising authority, the host club and any other parties involved in the organisation of this event disclaim any and every responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage, injury or

inconvenience that might occur to persons and goods both ashore or on the water as a consequence of entering or participating in the event covered by this Notice of Race.

At all times the responsibility for the safety of their boat and themselves plus the decision to participate or continue must rest with the competitor.

Hotel Accommodation

 Best Western Garden Court, HP19 0FY and

 Premier Inn, HP19 9QL are both only minutes’ drive from the lakeside

Lunch and Refreshments

“Comfort” breaks will be taken as necessary to enable the short walk to the toilet facilities available.

Competitors are advised to make their own provision for refreshments.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the organisation of this event, please contact Clive Bardell


To be completed in CAPITALS










Emergency Contact details                                                      


Telephone e-mail



* Please advise the Race Committee of any medical information that may be relevant in the case of an emergency

Social Evening Dinner

                            Please reserve ………………….places for dinner Saturday evening.

Yacht Details

Name Registration No.

Sail No. Personal Sail No.


Frequencies to be used

40MHz 2.4GHz



Enclosed Entry Fee £

Cheques made payable to Watermead MBC

I have read the Regulations for Race Entry and agree to abide by them.  I declare that I am a member of the relevant Owners Association or National Class Association (as appropriate)

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Dragonforce Series – 28th January 2018

8 skippers, 16 races, 3 discards.
Position Sail No Discards Points Class Skipper
1st 29 16 28 DF65 Noel Donaldson
2nd 272 21 44 DF65 Malcolm
3rd 71 22 55 DF65 Sid Hunt
4th 74 23 60 DF65 Peter Dunnett
5th 126 21 63 DF65 Clive Bardell
6th 17 24 92 DF65 Peter Stevens
1st 99 15 12 RG65 Dave Issit
2nd 77 21 32 RG65 Roger Dunklin
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IOM Frostbite Series – 21st January 2018

4 skippers, 8 races, 2 discards.
Position Sail No Discards Points Class Skipper
1st 29 3 6 IOM Noel Donaldson
2nd 55 8 14 IOM Clive Bardell
3rd 11 10 16 IOM Roger Dunklin
4th 94 8 19 IOM David Woodford
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*** Join the Thu/Fri fleet! ***

If you care to join the Thu/Fri fleet please let Peter Dunnett know you mobile number when you see him (he will then put your number straight into his ‘moby’).

How does this fleet work?

Peter assesses the weather and the racing fixture for the following Sun to decide which day, or both, and which class of model yachts will pre-dominate (in reality you could take any yacht to the lakeside but read on).  Peter then sends out a group email some time on Wed afternoon to notify the plan of action to fleet skippers.

Starting at 14:00 (and ending before sunset!) the skippers that turn up have an opportunity for informal racing with a 30-sec countdown.  Provides an opportunity to tune-up and practice in an informal way.

Currently there are about half a dozen or so skippers in the fleet so there is plenty of lake room for more!

Get that yacht going faster; practice your starts for Sun: join the Thu/Fri fleet … if you can make the time!

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