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Welcome to WMBC

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The Club usually has about 50 to 60 members at all levels of skill.    Some are: scale modellers; some are model yacht race skippers; and several are both.  With three jetties to launch from there is plenty of room on Watermead Lake for many more members: young and old; male and female.  All newcomers and potential young members are especially welcome to join (however we do expect under 16s to be accompanied by an adult).  Members tend to use the lake on Sunday mornings but members are also permitted to use the lake safely at other times during the week.

*** If you want to join us please come along between 10:00 and 12:30 any Sunday morning and introduce yourself!  That’s all it takes!  No letters, no emails, no need for phone calls; just turn up when you are ready to see what it is all about! ***

*** Please note: the owner of the lake does not permit fast and/or noisy model boats to be operated on Watermead Lake by the club at any time  ***

For views of open days and other various events please paste the following site into your browser:

***  Take a look at the club’s photo gallery:  ***


***  and below the latest WMBC ‘posts’:

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Two Islands vs Watermead IOM 27th February 2017

11 skippers, 8 races, 1 discard.
Position Sail No Discards Points Club Skipper
1st 66 15 3 W Phil Holiday
2nd 78 17 4 W John Howell
3rd 29 27 6 W Noel Donaldson
4th 37 2 5 TI Mike Kemp
5th 11 43 7 W Roger Dunklin
6th 82 48 8 TI Geoff Raygada
7th 87 58 12 W Peter Pullford
8th 51 76 12 TI John Clifton
9th 102 92 12 TI Mike Stevens
10th 80 93 12 TI Alan Pearce
11th 40 94 12 W Dennis Russell
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Micro Magic Series – 19th February 2017

Position Sail No Discards Points Class Skipper
1st 55 10 25 MM Clive Bardell
2nd 71 9 26 MM John Howell
3rd 478 10 27 MM Roger Dunklin
4th 190 12 31 MM Noel Donaldson
5th 398 10 31 MM Peter Dunnett
6th 17 12 49 MM Peter Stevens
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IOM Frostbite Series – 12th February 2017

1st Noel Donaldson
2nd Roger Dunklin
3rd David Woodford
4th Clive Bardell

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IOM Frostbite Series – 15th January 2017

8 skippers, 10 races, 2 discards.
Position Sail No Discards Points Class Skipper
1st 29 5 11 IOM Noel Donaldson
2nd 78 16 17 IOM John Howell
3rd 11 10 24 IOM Roger Dunklin
4th 24 12 27 IOM Peter Dunnett
5th 94 16 38 IOM Dave Woodford
6th 62 13 41 IOM Peter Pulford
7th 17 14 44 IOM Peter Stevens
8th 40 16 56 IOM Dennis
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*** Join the Thu/Fri fleet! ***

If you care to join the Thu/Fri fleet please let Peter Dunnett know you mobile number when you see him (he will then put your number straight into his ‘moby’).

How does this fleet work?

Peter assesses the weather and the racing fixture for the following Sun to decide which day, or both, and which class of model yachts will pre-dominate (in reality you could take any yacht to the lakeside but read on).  Peter then sends out a group email some time on Wed afternoon to notify the plan of action to fleet skippers.

Starting at 14:00 (and ending before sunset!) the skippers that turn up have an opportunity for informal racing with a 30-sec countdown.  Provides an opportunity to tune-up and practice in an informal way.

Currently there are about half a dozen or so skippers in the fleet so there is plenty of lake room for more!

Get that yacht going faster; practice your starts for Sun: join the Thu/Fri fleet … if you can make the time!

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